General conditions

1. Using a web portal for commercial purposes    

  •  Between pages to compare price with Galop can be written agreement, which Galop approves the receipt, processing and publication of prices.    
  • The use of web portals Galop in non-personal and commercial purposes is forbidden. The use of automated systems to collect data from this website for commercial purposes (eng. Screen scraping). Galop reserves the right to take measures in case of any violation of the provisions.

2.Contract of transportation     

  • The contract of trasnportation in advance setting out the conditions of transport, and obligations of the carrier to passengers transported from place of departure to the travel destination, for a fee in the amount of the specific contract of transportation, on the basis of tariff rules which are main part of these conditions and valid price list.

3.Main obligations of passengers     

  • Passengers must respect the directions of the driver.  
  •  Drivers are authorized to remove from the traveling people who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The same applies to travelers who threaten the safety of their fellow travelers on other grounds or significantly disrupt their peace.     
  • Smoking is not allowed on the bus. This prohibition also applies to e-cigarettes. Passengers bear criminal responsibility for causing damage to the outer or inner side of the bus.     
  • Passengers who cause soiling buses, intentionally or as a result of gross negligence must pay company Galop cleaning fee of at least € 100, whereby passengers have the right to provide evidence of the absence of damage or that the damage was much less than the aforementioned lump sum. Transpoters may terminate the contract for the provision of transport services in the event that a passenger extremely hinders travel and does not stop in spite of (verbal) warning, and that in this case the transporter and / or other travelers is no longer reasonable to continue their journey. The above is also applied in the event that the passenger does not respect the objectively reasonable guidelines (eg, guidance on safety).     
  • All passengers must use safety belts under the applicable provisions and the extent to which the bus is equipped with them.

4.Entrance in vehicle     

  • When entering the vehicle priority is given to the disabled, visually impaired with the escort or without escort, elderly, pregnant women and people with young children.

5.Invalid provisions    

  •  In the event that certain provisions in the context of these General Terms and General transport conditions become totally or partially invalid or void, such circumstances generally do not compromise the effectiveness of contracts for the provision of transport services in general.