Minibus rental Croatia

Minibus rental is definitely the best choice for smaller groups of passengers from 8 to 19 people who need transportation to destinations in Croatia and abroad. Transportation by minibus is still intended for shorter distances and smaller groups of people, but this does not mean that longer trips are nota n option. In any case and regardless of the length of the trip, many years of experience of our drivers will ensure you a completely carefree, safe and comfortable trip.

Minibus rental in Croatia is especially suitable for occasions such as trips to cultural and natural sights, school trips, trips to the cinema and theater, full-day trips to more distant places, transport of workers, excursions for schoolchildren and the elderly and much more. All our minibuses have international licenses and licenses for transporting children, so all you need to do is choose the place and time of your trip and contact us. We will do the rest.

The price of transportation by minibus

We adapt all our services to the wishes of our clients and strive to provide them with the best possible price-quality ratio. That is why we transport passengers exclusively in higher-quality vehicles of newer generations, which guarantee a reduced impact of exhaust gases on the environment and offer a much more comfortable and safer ride.

This is one of the factors that affects the price of transportation, but the price can vary due to many other factors such as the number of passengers, vehicle occupancy, selected vehicle, length of travel, number of days in the trip (in case of excursions) and other factors. Therefore, we cannot specify the exact price and we recommend that you come and see our fleet, select the ideal vehicle for your trip and contact us afterwards.


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Our fleet

As we have already said, the price of renting a minibus can vary due to a number of factors. That is why we recommend you to take a look at our fleet. From the minibuses we offer two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 BlueTEC minibuses that have a 19 + 1 softline seat, air conditioning, plasma, refrigerator, extended luggage space, tinted windows, microphone for guide, navigation and seat belts; Opel Vivaro 2.0 CDTI with 8 + 1 softline seat, air conditioning, DVD player (with USB port), extended luggage compartment and tinted windows.

Also, for larger groups of people from 19 passengers onwards, we also offer bus rental if you think it will suit your needs better. Our buses are of the same quality as our minibuses, only have more seats and are designed for slightly longer journeys (although not necessarily). In addition to passenger and minibus transport services, Galop transport also offers transport services from Zagreb Airport to your location and VIP transport.

In addition to our own vehicles, we also mediate in renting vehicles of our subcontractors, but we do not deviate from the quality and top service that is expected in our work.




The end of the already mentioned comfortable, punctual, affordable, fast and reliable passenger transport that we offer in our buses and minibuses, one of the most important things for us is your safety.

All our drivers have passed all the necessary training and have many years of experience behind them that will provide you and your passengers with an extremely comfortable and safe journey. But just in case, passengers in all vehicles are insured against the consequences of accidents.

If you want to know more about renting minibuses from our fleet, feel free to contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible!

Galop tours

Since 2004, Galop tours has been offering passenger transport services by minibuses, buses and vans. Our offer also includes VIP transfers and transfers from the airport. Many years of experience in Galop tours guarantees you the most comfortable and carefree journey, and our rich experience guarantees you safety. We are located in Sveta Nedelja near Zagreb, and for all information, questions and cooperation, we are at your disposal at



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